Leisure Activities

In family or with friends, this freedom space, will help you to forget cities hectic life.

Snowshoe, cross-country skiing, hiking or riding on a donkey.  Middle mountain guide
(State degree).

Riding on with Fernand and Tonie. These beautiful donkeys will you discover mountains paths.


Verdon canyons

Couloir Samson

Climbers paradise, 
the Verdon rock faces, 
reach in some places up to 700 meters
('cirque de Vaumale', 'balcon de la Mescla', 'falaise des Cavaliers'), overflow with
 climbing paths.

The Chauvet,
close to
'la Palud sur Verdon',
will you get access to
'La falaise de l’Escalés',
a climbing famous place, and its 500 meters sheer rock face, 
and chalet "Le Refuge "
at the root of.

  • 'Paroi du Duc'

  • 'les Écureuils'

  • ... paths on demand.



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